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ESG Market Insights - Top 100

November 2014 - Equity Funds and ESG Factors
The "TOP 100 - ESG Equity Fund Ratings" for Austria, Germany, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

According to numerous studies, sustainable and sociallly responsible investment has grown significantly over the last ten years, exceeding the growth of most other investment strategies. Asset managers and owners have increasingly become aware of this trend and of the effect that environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors can have on the long-term risk and return profile of their investment portfolios. However, it still remains a challenge to assess and measure the ESG risks of an investment fund or investment mandate effectively.

yourSRI closes this assessment gap in two ways: All mutual funds are considered for the ESG investment ratings whether they actively incorporate ESG criteria in their investment policy or whether the ESG content is managed passively.

The ESG investment ratings are applied to each investment fund on yourSRI on a dynamic basis and, hence, reflect up-to-date investment views. The dynamic ESG investment ratings on yourSRI detect all relevant changes, related to the portfolio structure of a fund or to the ESG ratings of the underlying issuer. This permits timely investment reporting and investment controlling.

Investment funds with an ESG investment rating get the opportunity to differentiate themselves from other offerings in the market. Furthermore, investors are given the opportunity to include ESG investment ratings in their investment decisions.

In November 2014, yourSRI will publish their first studies based on these ratings:
The TOP 100 - ESG Equity Fund Ratings,
available for Austria, Germany, Switzerland - and United Kingdom will follow soon after.

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