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Covering more than 80% of the European Fund Market, yourSRI’s advanced search filters helps you to identify the product of your interest.
And in addition to traditional financial key ratios, yourSRI unique set-up provides you with a free ESG & Carbon profile so that you can get a holistic overview of the investment products.
Search and benchmark the ESG & Carbon performance of your investments and reveal hidden ESG and Carbon related investment risks.

This complimentary analytics covers the most important quick-facts and helps you identify the ESG & Carbon footprint of your investments easily.
The reports present data in a clear and consistent format that can be used in supporting your reporting activities. Assess the impact and improve your understanding of risks and opportunities related to the investment product.
To download an ESG or Carbon sample report, please click below.
In addition to the screening on the product (fund) level, yourSRI is also of assistance to assess the ESG & Carbon footprint of portfolios and mandates.
yourSRI provides multidimensional risk assessments at the portfolio level to effectively measure your ESG and Carbon exposure relative to peers and benchmarks. Simply upload your portfolio and generate a detailed overview of your investments.
To learn more about the quick portfolio-check, please click below.
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