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Videocollection yourSRI TV

Voices of Leaders interview

Watch this interview with Masimo Magerman, Managing Director of Mergence

#EarthDay2017: Sustainable Investing

Sustainable investing goes beyond just excluding stocks based on an investor’s ethical views.

Socially Responsible Investing

Our investment policy concerning cluster bombs, land mines, nuclear weapons and tobacco companies

Profiting with a Purpose

John Hagan, Manomet President, and Andrew Whitman, Leader of the Sustainable Economies Program at Manomet, speak about investing for environmental good.

Keynote Conversation Green Investment

PAGE Ministerial Conference 2017 to discuss what it takes to further a “just transition” to economies which are more inclusive, stable and sustainable.

United Nations Speech - Impact Investing World Forum 2017

By David Galipeau - Global Chief, United Nations Social Impact Fund

Sustainable Investing: a unique opportunity for Swiss private wealth management

Ten strong arguments that showcase how sustainable investments are an opportunity for Swiss private banking.

ESG: Essential Steps for Successful Long Term Investing

Want sustainable long-term returns? We reveal the essential components and the fund providers who are getting it right.

What is the role of a supervisor when investing?

Learn more about the role of a supervisor when it comes to investing.

Social Responsible Investments

Bronwyn Nielsen talks to Mark van Wyk about Socially Responsible Investments on ABN Digital.

The Case for Investing in Europe

Many investors are understandably concerned about investing in European companies today. Rob Lovelace offers an alternative view.

Green Bonds: Income With Impact

With green bonds allowing investors to invest with impact, this discussion is about the market landscape and the opening up of the secondary market.

Taxing Carbon for a Greener Economy

This animation explains how a domestic carbon pricing strategy in combination with taxing carbon-intensive products at borders can lead to a greener economy.

What are ETFs?

These complex investments are actually pretty simple, and a great way to get started investing in the stock market. In this video, you'll lear what ETFs are.

How to handle a major sell-off

Tim Samway discusses the different types of sell-offs, how to approach them, and why growth stocks were the first to recover after the GFC.

CRS Ethical Trade Community Orders

Explore all the ways you can support ethical and fair trade with Catholic Relief Services Ethical Trade program.

ESG points to well-run companies

Investors may be willing to accept lower returns for responsible investments. But in fact it’s not necessarily a trade-off.

$150-million reforestation investment will help fight climate change

Premier Clark announced $150 million for the Forest Enhancement Society of British Columbia to plant tens of millions more trees, which will help fight climate change.

Challenging Perspectives on Impact Investing

What makes for an effective impact investing strategy?

ESG's Evolution is Impacting Investing

How is the shift from Environmental to Environmental + Social shaping the ESG landscape?

James Thier on Ethical Investment

James Thier spoke on Ethical Investment at QUT Divestment and Social Change Forum on the 22nd November 2016.

Fundamentals - UBS MSCI USA Socially Responsible ETF

UBS MSCI USA Socially Responsible ETF uses ‘positive’ screening to integrate ESG considerations into the factor analysis of the companies it invests in.

Impacts of Climate Change

Exploring how climate change could impact the world we live in.

Environment Social Governance

In this video, UniSuper’s Head of Equities describes their ethos and approach to integrating Environmental, Social and corporate Governance into the investment process.

The Heat: Renewable energy PT 2

Tonight's panel has more on the future of renewable energy with Tyson Slocum, energy program director for the advocacy group.

The Heat: Renewable energy PT 1

Investments are on the rise but is renewable energy the economic and environmental answer to combating global climate change?

The Key to Sustainable Development: Investing in Urban Reproductive Health

This video features key experts making the case for investing in family planning in urban areas and how this can impact the environment and economy of countries.

Financing Social Change

Individuals are playing a bigger role in funding entrepreneurs willing to setup businesses that facilitate economic development in a community.

Saudi Energy Minister — No Stranded Assets, No Need To Keep Fossils In The Ground

This video is about the Saudi Arabian Oil Minister — Talking about "No Stranded Assets"

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